Hi Friends!

Welcome back!

I had an eventful weekend. Friday was one of my best girls bday, we celebrated saturday. Steven was outta town doing work stuff- so naturally Jodi && I wild’d out! I found a new jam; https://youtu.be/irNdfijo9n0 I hope you like it too!

Here is a pic of me && my macho drank w/the pastel washing machines @punchbowlsocial Saturday.

We also sashay’d over to emporium, it’s an arcade bar. Played a lotta pinball && galaga.

On the business end of things I am currently adding international shipping to all my new listings- not using the GSP. I will change my listings in my store too at some point.

I’ve added so many new skirts to my POSHMARK closet this week! Check it out here; https://posh.mk/BqOBeqg7zX

That’s all for now. I’ll pop back soon!



It seems to be that today June 20th is a good day to make a post. I haven’t been on in months && feel like I need to update my blog besties with my daily thangs.

Nothing monumental has been going on but i am still going thru and re vamping my eBay store. I have been selling (mostly) clothing on eBay for yea

New Year, Same Me.

Hi there! We’re 20 days into the new year && I haven’t had any world changing revelations. Going forward I will jot down a few sentences to share with anyone who reads along. Sales are down, but I’m not. My husband && dog are happy && healthy. I am looking forward to a Christmas party at my husbands work. Since I work from home, with no in house co-workers this sounds FUN! Looking forward to improvements thruout my home. My studio is 90% done, need shelves for supplies… just picked up some elfa shelves from the thrift for an amazing deal! Some trim needs painting, && I’m on the hunt for a rug. That’s all fur now, friends! Talk soon!